Startups incubated at MIT Pune TBI

# Logo Startup Name Lead Cofounder(s) Sector Description
Alkine India
Mr. Sadanand Umale
Alkaline India is the first Make-in-India Ionised Alkaline Water Machine Manufacturer. Although Alkaline water is very much popular across the globe, only a niche category in India could afford it. Hence Alkine India has come up with a Alkaline Water Machine which is affordable for all income groups and can be used for domestic as well as commercial purpose.
Asink AI
Ms. Renuka Radhakrishnan
Asink AI is a US-based startup working in Smart Kitchen Automation which uses Robotics, IoT and Artificial Intelligence to remove the hurdles in Kitchen related chores like Dishwashing. Their novel technology allows them to save time, manpower and water consumption.
Assert AI
Mr. Nitin Jain
Assert works in the area of computer vision solutions targeted towards various industries. Our solutions cater to specific needs around security, safety, PPE detection, employee and machine productivity, trucks utilization, many more. As drones have been emerging progressively there are enormous possibilities of using them. Our drones are capable of warehouse management with safety & surveillance and intrusion detection capabilities.
Attron Automotive
Mr. Mosam Ugemuge
Electric Vehicles
Attron automotive is one of the first automotive companies focused on performance electric motorcycles which offers comprehensive solutions with their proprietary technology. Attron automotive claims to be India's first electric motorcycle with a range of 210+ km per charge with portable battery pack.
Bharat Flow Analytics
Mr. Pranab Jha
Oil and gas
Bharat Flow Analytics aims to develop and deliver effective and innovative solutions to our customers in the energy industry using the latest technologies. We currently offer advanced pipeline inspection and monitoring solutions. We also have expertise in flow analysis, modeling and simulations, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet-of-Things (IOT) projects.
Big Boyz Cycle
Mr. Prashant Patil
Electric Vehicles
The Big Boyz Cycles have developed an electric bicycle that provides Eco, Smart, and Power motor assistance modes. It offers up to 75 km range on a single charge. The Li-ion battery can be easily detached from the bike for charging purpose. The cycle offers a maximum speed of 25 km/hr in self-driven mode.
Boost My Child
Mr. Vipul Joshi
Boostmychild is India’s fastest growing online parenting & child development App and platform for early childhood (Ages 0 to 6). It is developed by a team of leading child psychologists, paediatricians and early childhood educators with decades of experience.
Mr. Kuldeep Chotrani
Internet Marketplace Platform
camHire helps Photographers/ Freelancers to connect with clients across all over India and provide desired services. Also, to minimize customer efforts for searching photographers in their areas. They can simply book after reviewing provider's previous work and reviews.
Citoto Digital Identity
Mr. James Solomon
citoto is focused towards building a city brain structure using Free Space Optics communication technology, Private Data Centres and End Mile connectivities. We are automating the everyday life of common people right from travel, social and professional life. We automate processes using AI, Biometric recognition and Level 5 authentication channels.
Cresa Green Tech
Ms. Sarika Pathak
Healthcare and Biotech
Cresa GreenTech is working on environmental issues caused by current plastic based sanitary napkins. We are developing world's Only hot water dissolvable sanitary napkins which get dissolves and disintegrate in hot water and the slurry biodegrades naturally in sewage system with easy, Safe and quick disposal without causing environmental pollution.
Customize Meal
Mr. Mayank Lowanshi
Internet Marketplace Platform
CustomizeMeal is the ultimate food delivery platform that provides customers with a fresh home-cooked meal that matches their taste and is custom-made to suit their nutritional requirements.
Doorly Mr. Suraj Raka
Information Technology
Designed kiosks and interactive platforms to track the yoga postures and rate the exercise. This an interactive platform for gyms to engage user in the gamification of exercise.
HACK-X Security
Mr. Yash Vyas
Cyber Security
HACK-X Security is a company providing IT Risk assessment and Digital Security Solutions. It is a trusted standard for organizations needing to protect their brands, businesses and dignity from cyber attacks. They offer a unique SaaS platform HACK-X NODE for delivering on-demand, continuous and scalable security testing suitable for morden cloud and DevOps powered businesses. HACK-X NODE leverages both human powered penetration testing and automated scans to create a powerful and easy to use solution that delivers continuous and on-demand vulnerability management.
Mr. Pradeepkumar
Hachimichi is developing automated toilet seats to deliver hygiene at today’s B2B common toilets and to deliver predictive health for tomorrow’s B2C market. SeatO'fresh is a novel toilet seat for ensuring maximum hygiene and cleanliness.
Mr. Harsh Savergaonkar
Information Technology
Inator is a fast growing tech startup, developing in house B2B and B2C software and serving clients worldwide in the field of ground up game development, app development, web development etc. Inator develops software solutions built on modern technologies like Augmented Reality, Internet of things, cross-platform game design etc. We conduct real-time sports data analysis and visualization starting with Cricket.
Jaljeevan Agro Tech
Mr. Naresh Awachar
Jaljeevan Agro Tech's innovation is Novel Rubber tail piece which is used in all agricultural farms. The product has demonstrated great results in reducing wastage of water by eliminating leakage and controlling breakage of gasket. They are supported with a seed fund of Rs. 30 Lakhs under the Ambedkar Social Innovation Incubation Mission (ASIIM) by IFCI Venture Capital Fund
Jatayu Healthcare Technologies
Dr. Aparna Oruganty Das
Healthcare & Biotech
Jatayu Healthcare Technologies is a startup by a group of passionate engineers, doctorate scientists and data scientists from prestigious institutes. We aim to make the Healthcare reporting landscape handsfree and improve the overall quality of healthcare. We create AI-based software products to streamline workflows for healthcare professionals. Our company is recognized by Startup India program and we have received the prestigious BIG-19 grant from DBT, Government of India to work on cutting edge IP generating products.
Kanan Park Technologies
Mr. Mayank Gandhi
Kanan Park Technologies is an agritech venture focused on developing robotic solutions for farming industry. Our vision is to develop and offer products which can help farmers in executing their day to day functions with ease and certainty.
Mr. Pravin Adik
Internet Marketplace Platform
Kwyk is an offline to online (O2O) platform which enables businesses of all sizes to take their business Online and take Direct Orders from their customers. We offer a platform for setting up online storefront with features like digital cataloguing, discovery, customer engagement, online ordering, payment and delivery. Our vision is to create one-stop solution for all commerce needs to empower over 30 million retailers across India.
Mahaind Technology
Mr. Baburao Pujari
Information Technology
Digital Mahaind provides end-to-end digital marketing tools for micro and small businesses for faster customer outreach. They bring creative solutions to their clients both in online and offline business development using a team of dedicated marketing agents and via social media. Mahaind presently employs approximately 2000 business development personnel across Maharashtra.
Manastik Technologies
Mr. Soubhik Das
Healthcare & Biotech
Manastik provides Teleneurology & Teleneurorehabilitation services to dementia patients & caregivers using Artificial Intelligence. Our focus spans around primary and supplementary services for the dementia community not limited to dementia screening & tracking, creation of a one stop solution, recording patient history, caregiver lifestyle management, brain games and more. We engage with Neurologists, Neuropsychologists, Psychiatrists, SLPs to understand the needs and problems within the ecosystem of Neurology.
Mein Fernweh
Ms. Preeti More
Healthcare & Biotech
Expeddition believes in fulfilled life so we are creating an eco-system for our customers to experience enhanced life by offering exploratory journey. We help people to Explore Self, Business and Relationships through different facilitative activities and processes by travelling globally to experience “Enhanced Life!”
Minksha A2 Milk
Mr. Mithilesh Gujar
Home delivery of organic and unpasteured A2 cow milk. Minksha is establishing a large network of dairy farmers and retail consumers using novel business tools that shall provide livelihood to thousands of cow owners and shall also promote organic milk of Desi cows.
Mr. Biologist
Mr. Vaibhav Sabale
Healthcare & Biotech
Mr Biologist is a project that aims to provide a forum for all researchers to meet their needs with a single click. In order to explore multiple opportunities in their respective domain areas, a network of researchers from India and abroad will be created. It is committed to providing a high-quality service in a timely manner. Our platform is attempting to be unique in the domains of life science, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals in this digital era.
PurpleMatter Technologies
Mr. Lakshay Sethi
Internet Marketplace Platform
PurpleMatter Technologies is a “one-stop solution” for all the sourcing needs of environmentally and socially conscious brands. Through our AI-driven platform, we offer a hassle-free and reliable sourcing experience for all kinds of sustainably manufactured goods and responsibly procured raw materials, so you can focus on what you do best - creating awesome products and making this planet a better place.
Quintrans Hyperloop
Mr. Pranay Luniya
Quintrans envisions to develop, demonstrate and implement an indigenous version of Hyperloop travel across various states. Our motive has been to integrate Hyperloop as a high speed, sustainable and reliable solution in the existing transportation infrastructure to overcome shortcomings of the current supply chain and logistics network of India.
Ragandha Lifecare Ms. Isha Ostwal
Waste to Value
Ragandha Lifecare Pvt Ltd is a healthcare start-up that was established on October 5, 2021.Cdt Captain Isha Ostwal and Cdt Bhavya Bhavna Singh, students at MIT WPU's School of Pharmacy, founded this firm, which was incubated by the MIT Technology Business Incubator. This company offers a wide range of wellness and health-related products.
Trans Vitals
Mr. Gautam Morey
Healthcare & Biotech
LifePatch is a smart sensor device that can be used to track Basal Body Temperature (BBT) for natural family planning accurately. It is a medical grade approved 24*7 wearable, compact, light weight, safe, easy to use and battery operated device. It helps to track the minutest temperature changes in the body consistently.
Mr. Vikram Mandlik
We offer range of Design Automation and CAD Customization training programs to help you excel in the field of technology. Learn from the knowledge and experiences of our accomplished team of engineers with complete guidance and assistance throughout the course. With our certified course make yourself stand out among top companies and achieve your career goals smartly.
Utopic Tech
Mr. Mehul Baldwa
Healthcare & Biotech
Utopic tech is on a mission to make diagnostics and healthcare more democratized and accessible. Our method is to identify the problems, envision solutions and deploy our team of young innovators, thinkers and engineers to create innovative, affordable and scalable medical devices. Our first product is a unique device that can measure Kidney function in just a minute with just a finger prick.
Zeroplast Labs
Mr. Aditya Kabra
Waste to Value
ZeroPlast Labs is a science-based startup focusing on developing biodegradable materials from biomass waste. They are developing a bioplastic film for paper plates and bowls.