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Mentoring Support || MIT TBI Pune

Mentoring Support In Various Sectors


Finance Mentor

To manage the sources of your finance, debt planning, equity planning and accounts.

Business and Planning Mentor

Your support in studying the market and strategizing your business, production, sales, finance and infrastructural development.

IT Mentor

To provide professional advice and help when it comes to Software, ERP, CRM, server related queries, network and computing infrastructure and to make sure you have a widespread social media and a web presence.

R & D Mentor

To evaluate your project and to see if its workable and applicable in regular life, our R & D Mentor will analyse various aspects of your project by proofing the concept, hardware and software design, technical protection and will also be conducting testing and certification of your project. .

Legal Mentor

From the event of the formation of your company your mentor will take care of the taxation, contracts and agreements, import/export, legal matters related to HR and IP and regulatory compliance.

Sales and Service Mentor

They help you reach your potential customers. Promotional and support documentation, sales promotions and the channels to promote through, installing and commissioning, customer support, billing and recovery and managing the orders is what you count on them for.


A place to work where you find all the tools and infrastructure at your convenience. Prototype PCB fabrication, PCB vendors, parts and assembly, mechanical prototype fabrication, Packing and delivery is what you can conduct from this place.