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General Incubation Process || MIT TBI Pune

General Incubation Process

1. Pre disclosure

The initial contract with Technology and Licensing Office.

2. Invention disclosure

Written notice to the Technology and Licensing Office.

3. Assessment

Reviewing the product, verifying for patent and assessing inventors potential.

4. Protection

Protection of the patent, trademarks and common legal protection.

5. Marketing

Identifying candidate companies and bringing technology to the market.

6. Business model

Forming the start-up or being an existing business relationship

7. Licensing

Involves the contract between MIT & third party and leverage to enable the third party to evaluate the potential.

8. Commercialization

To bring in new business investments and engage in further development.

9. Revenue

The investment that comes in from the Technology Investment Centre & appropriate distribution of those funds.

10. Research

With extensive observations and experiments you make the desirable changes and improvements required.